Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Blogroll Amnesty Day
Blogrolling Assassination Day

As promised, today we celebrate Blogroll Amnesty Day by cleaning up the sidebar and finally dropping the Blogrolling widget, which has not been working since last October anyway. Over the course of the next day or so, DWSUWF will begin repopulating the blogroll using the Google/Blogger widget. This should be of some benefit to linked blogs, as it appears that both Google and Technorati diss the Blogrolling links, but are perfectly happy counting the Google/Blogger links. Whatever.

In the spirit of B.A.D. we will strive to add under appreciated smaller blogs, and over the course of the celebration DWSUWF will be updating this post with a selection of favorite links.

Although DWSUWF is a reasonable Liberal, DWSUWF has adopted a Conservative Mutual Backscratching Blogrolling Policy - to whit: "You Blogroll me. I Blogroll you." In this manner, the integrity of a fundamental law of the universe - The Conservation of Blogrolls - is maintained. As any high school science student knows, Blogrolls cannot be created or destroyed, they can only change form.

We will start with the co-creators of the Blogging Holiday:
I know. I know. They are all bigger than me. I'll make up for it in quantity.

An eclectic selection of 10 smallish and not so smallish blogs I like - not all of a consistently political persuasion - and in no particular order:
Stay tuned - I am going to work on the sidebar blogroll for a while, but I'll be back adding another 10 or so links before the celebration ends.

Divided and Balanced.™
Now that is fair.


Connecticut Man1 said...

I, for one, really liked the Blogrolling features. It is too bad that using it meant giving up google ranking. I had stopped using Blogrolling quite a while ago and recently switched from the regular Blogroll (again) to the "My Bloglist" feature, since it updates automatically with a fresh link to whomever and so it never expires on Technorati. Google likes it more too. Figure the odds that Google would like its own product's widget more? lol

mw said...

Conn Man,
Exactly. I liked Blogroller too, which is why I still had them in the sidebar 4 months after it stopped working. They are still promising it will be fixed REAL SOON NOW, as they have every step of the way. Just got tired of waiting.

Actually, I feel for these guys. Software is not easy, and I am still astounded every day at the gigabytes of storage and all the very cool software services and applications that I use running this blog - for free.

"Free" is a really tough business model. Especially if you have a business like Blogroller, have to do a rewrite from scratch, and you have to compete against google for "free". Not a good bet.

Thanks for stopping by, thanks for the link, and thanks for the comment.

Unknown said...

glad to put you on my blogroll, mw!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting me on the "like" list. We do have a fun go at it occasionally. I have been a bit slow over the last few months, but things have gotten more fun of late.

I have had so many fits with so many blogrolls I finally just gave up trying to keep a current list. Will watch your blogroll to see how it works. I generally just try to make sure other blogs are active in my posts. My experience has been that drives a lot more traffic than the sidebar.

Have a good 2009!

mw said...

Skippy - Thanks. Nice work with the blogtopian holiday.

Moon - Problem being that until the Republicans (or whatever replaces them) retake the Senate (which I don't see happening before 2012) - I am probably going to agree with everything you write. I'll just have to argue with Skippy now.

Anonymous said...