Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sea Change for The Dividist Papers
UPDATED: Dividist on blogging sabbatical for balance of 2013

The Dividist Papers will be on hiatus for at least the month of May. We have an opportunity to check off a  "bucket list" item and sail across the Atlantic Ocean aboard the Morpheus (pictured above). If interested, our progress can be tracked on my other blog, or the captains blog. Try to hold the country together until the Dividist  returns to these blogging shores.

UPDATE 7/4/13: On Blogging Sabbatical
The Dividist returned safely from his transatlantic adventure with only moderate damage.  It was an extraordinary experience and the Dividist is grateful to the captain and crewmates for the shared adventure of a lifetime.

Upon returning from our voyage the Dividist decided to morph our literal sea change hiatus to metaphorical sea change sabbatical.

After blogging here on and off for the last seven years, the Dividist will be taking some time off and letting the blog lie fallow for the rest of 2013. In that time he hopes to make progress on some other neglected projects including some related to his favorite blogging topic here.  He also hopes to have cured himself of the annoying habit of referring to himself in the third person.

He may or may not actually post something in that time, may or may not occasionally update the Featured Video, but will otherwise be content to harass and annoy partisans of both Red and Blue tribes by means of his twitter feed. Feel free to follow somewhere in the right sidebar ==>

He'll be back in the 2014 mid-term election year, where we will again use this venue to advocate for yet another successful divided government outcome.  Until then - Stay divided my friends.