Sunday, April 23, 2006

Is this blog for you?

Probably not.

Odds are, you really don't belong here and should go away.

I am advocating a specific voting strategy, and as such, this blog is intended for a specific and small audience. That target audience are voters who are willing to cast their vote based on a rational fact-based voting strategy that will result in better federal government. This strategy requires that the voter must be capable of changing their mind about how to vote and not be constrained by party loyalty. Such voter must be able to cast their vote based on accomplishing an objective (fiscal responsibility, better governance, and spending restraint), as opposed to supporting a specific ideology or party. This criteria automatically excludes at least 70% of the American voting public, and probably even more. The odds are, you are in that 70%+, and this blog is not for you.

You are still here? Hmmmm. What to do? Perhaps I should try to help you sort this out.

If you find yourself saying things like "Why do Democrats hate America?", or "Liberals are godless traitors." then this blog is not for you. You'll be happier here:

If you find yourself saying things like "Bush is a war criminal that must be impeached." or "Republican operatives stole the elections in Ohio and Florida.", then this blog is not for you. You'll be happier here:

I hope this was helpful. Please understand, I am not dismissing or minimizing the value of your vote. On the contrary, your vote is absolutely critical to the success of the "Divided We Stand" voting strategy. You are part of a crucial voting block we have identified as "Partisan Dead Weight" (PDW). Critical to the strategy, is a sufficient and balanced Partisan Dead Weight voting block on both sides, permitting a relatively small group of flexible enlightened voters to determine the outcome of the election. The more partisan, polarized, more virulent the opposition, the better. It is critical to keep the PDW large, balanced and firmly in place, so we, the Divided We Stand voters, have the opportunity to do our job.

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