Sunday, June 11, 2006

Stack Ranking V1.1 - Ann Coulter does her part.

I said to expect my '08 contender stack ranking to change frequently, but I didn't think it would change quite this quickly.

While taking shots at Ann Coulter was a bit of a fish barrel shoot, I still have to admire the way "quick draw" Hillary got off the the first shot - good enough to move her up a couple of notches in my book.

DWSUWF 2008 Presidential Candidate
Stack Ranking V 1.1

  1. Chuck Hagel (R)
  2. Joe Biden (D)
  3. John McCain (R)
  4. Bill Richardson (D)
  5. Rudolf Giuliani (R)
  6. John Kerry (D)
  7. Hillary Clinton (D) - up two spots.
  8. Newt Gingrich (R)
  9. Wesley Clark (D)
  10. Condi Rice (R)
This is a case where the reaction to Coulter is more interesting than her original comments. Anything that puts Olbermann and O'Reilly on the same page is worth a closer look.

In any case, a key element of the DWSUWF Voting Strategy is a balanced and polarized electorate...
"You are voting for Divided Government and the documented benefits of a Divided Government. In 2006, that means you are voting a straight Democratic ticket for Congress. If the Democrats take control of Congress, and it looks like the Democrats will maintain control in 2008, you vote for the Republican candidate for President in 2008. Simple. Easy. Satisfying.

Of course, this only works if we are in a political environment that is highly polarized and evenly split. So, no problem. In fact, a nuance of Dividican [div-eye-di-can] party membership is recognition that a polarized, partisan, evenly divided electorate is a positive good thing for the party and should be encouraged. This means, that when a Dividican party member is not voting, he/she should be actively working to stir the pot by antagonizing partisans of either (or both) sides."
... and Ann Coulter is doing her part. More reaction about La Femme Coulter in the blogosphere:

Jack Cluth at "The Peoples Republic of Seabrook" blogs that Coulter's comments are all about selling books:
"Coulter owes the widows an apology, but that's as unlikely as a thank-you note from her for the additional book sales, talk show bookings and profits the controversy will likely generate... No, Ann Coulter is laughing all the way to the bank, which I imagine is all that is really important to her."
Bob, a self-described Moderate disenfranchised ex-Republican from South Dakota blogs in Conservative Nut But A Marketing Genius? that Coulter's comments are all about selling books.
"This is the last post on the latest case of Ann Coulter mouth diarrhea, I promise. You can say what you will about the right wing conservative nut'’s politics but she knows how to sell books. Coulter'’s new book "Godless: The Church of Liberalism"” is currently number 1 on Amazon and the more outrageous she gets the more books she seems to be able to sell."
Dr. Peter Rost blogs in Dr. Peter Rost: Ann Coulter is Laughing Her Head Off that Coulter's comments are all about selling books.
"Then I read that Hillary Clinton is commenting on Ann Coulter, she said, "Perhaps her book should have been called 'Heartless." Then I read that John Kerry wrote in his Huffington Post blog today, "my first reaction was pretty much unprintable." Then I read a gazillion blogs about how much we all hate Ann Coulter. There's only one problem with all of this vitriol. It is exactly what Ann Coulter wanted. You and I may not agree with her, but she's not stupid. And here's the proof: Coulter's new book was's most popular selection Wednesday night and it was number one when I wrote this. Check it out. And you guys all made that happen. And you all will be writing about her again, which is exactly what she wants, while she laughs her head off checking her latest ranking."
A gazillion??? Hmph. I guess he's right ... based on this and this.

But pandering to her fan base to garner publicity and sell books???

Works for me.

I am returning from a fishing holiday, and "Godless" will be a good lightweight read for the flight back. Since everyone else is blogging about it, I'd be a damn fool not to blog about it myself.

I just think I should read it first. Stay tuned ...


Anonymous said...

Don't waste your time on Biden.

Remember the Anita Hill episode? Given the democratic base of women voters, he will not make it through the primaries.

Also another NE democrat is probably not a good choice for the leader of the ticket.

In the next cycle, the blue states are a given to stay blue. What is needed is a democrat that can take one or two of the red states.

So believe it or not, Hillary could win if she gets the nomination as she can pull a couple states via the Arkansas connection.

Strange political realities eh?

mw said...

Not sure what point you are making about Biden and Anita Hill. You sent me looking for a "refresher" on the hearings. found this.

It just served as a reminder of why I like him. He is a partisan, but he conducted a tough hearing in a fair manner.

Are you saying that he cannot get the nomination because the Dems won't forgive him for letting Thomas get through?

Anonymous said...

Clinton did not get 50% of the votes cast in either oƒ his victories. I believe Reagan, Bush I and Bush II (2004) did though. So your nit with Ann is not really correct. Check it out.

mw said...

Your comment actually references the next post, but I understand why you wrote it here, as I currently have the blog formatted with two posts on the front page.

I did check it out, agree with your point, and have re-written that portion of the blog. Thanks - mw

BTW, I also responded to your comment on Uncommon Descent, but apparently the comment did not pass muster with the moderator.