Friday, November 17, 2006

Gone fishin'

More accurately, gone abalone pickin'. With only one more minus tide before the season ends, DWSUWF will be hanging out in a low bandwidth environment on the Mendocino coast for a few days, watching for the right mix of weather, tide, and waves. We'll also be suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous Microsoft indignities over the weekend as we attempt to upgrade the OS of the last running Windows ME computer in the free world. Between the fun and frustration, the blog will be idling between now and Thanksgiving. Our first post election Carnival of Divided Government (Special Turkey Edition) will be posted here on November24. If your post contains the words "divided government" or "gridlock" it is on topic for the carnival, and we hope you will submit your post for inclusion here.

For the Saturday Showdowns- DWSUWF recommends taking Michigan, Cal and the points.

UPDATE: 11/23/06 Happy Thanksgiving!
DWSUWF will refrain in the future from publicly handicapping college football. The Carnival of Divided Government will be delayed for two days until the 24th due to technical difficulties.

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