Saturday, February 03, 2007

Who would Jesus bet on?

Hat tip to the Carpetbagger Report, who is reporting on the "dumbest poll questions ever":
"Fox News released a poll (.pdf) this week with many of the usual political questions one would expect to see right now — the 2008 presidential race, the war, etc. But, with the Super Bowl in mind, the network also asked respondents two of the strangest questions I’ve ever seen in a national poll."
I didn't really believe it, but sure enough, here is a screenshot of the questions linked to the complete poll on the Fox News site. Question 36 reads "Which team do you think God wants to win the Super Bowl this year?" :

I take some consolation from the fact that 14% of my fellow Americans recognize that God is a Bear fan as opposed to a misguided 11% who believe that He favors the Colts. Personally, I've always thought that there was something vaguely satantic about Peyton Manning.

Searching the Fox News site, I cannot find any stories referencing this poll. Maybe they are saving it for Super Bowl Sunday. Or maybe this is just too stupid, even for Fox News. More concerning to me, is the journalistic incompetence of the Fox pollsters. Why did they not ask the question that inquiring minds really want to know? Why not dig for news that we could really use? Like:

Who would Jesus bet on? And would he take the point spread?
Without the benefit of their insight, I am forced to rely on my nocturnal spiritual advisors as related in the previous posts. My advice - Take the Bears, take the odds, forget the points. You won't need them.

POST SUPERBOWL UPDATE: The previous advice in this post was offered while in a state of temporary insanity. Legal and medical documentation available on request. Any and all advice offered while I was in this state is now formally declared inoperative. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this difficult time.

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