Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Clinton cleavage captures attention of 25,000th visitor

SiteMeter informs us that we hosted our 25,000th visitor yesterday. Almost missed it - but we were able to track down the visitor before he/she disappeared over the 100 visitor horizon we are limited to with the free sitemeter:

Our 25,000th visitor found us by way of Jon Swift's fine post Hillary Clinton's Cleavage Emboldens Our Enemies. I posted a comment linking back to my not unrelated essay - Sizing, Dividing, & Balancing Government - An Illustrated Primer. This being one of the illustrations from that post:

So what do we know about our 25,00oth visitor? He/she has a Firefox browser on a Windows XP computer with a high resolution screen, subscribes to Comcast cable, is interested in politics, enjoys satire, is attracted to women's breasts, and according to the sitemeter latitude/longitude, is standing in this field next to a pond near Round Lake, Illinois.

Maybe he was fishing for catfish while browsing for breasts. I don't know what he was doing. I do know that 25,000 visitors in 16 months is a very small fish in a big blogospheric lake, but nevertheless noteworthy. We last took note of a milestone with our 10,000th visitor in January after nine months of operation. Seven months later we are up to 25,000. Maybe we can get to 50,000 by the end of the year. Maybe not. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: 07/27/2007
BREAKING: We have not yet received a letter from the Clinton campaign demanding an immediate retraction of this blog post. However, given the objections to the Washington Post fashion article expressed in Clinton campagin advisor Ann Lewis' fund raising letter, we expect to be hearing from them soon. It is probably just lost in the mail. We will inform the DWSUWF readers immediately upon receipt.

Divided and Balanced.™ Now that is fair.


mw said...

Thanks for the comment and stopping by. Checked out your blog and enjoyed it - a twofer - as I also followed your link to Diesel's blog. Both blogrolled now.

Jon Swift said...

Congratulations on your 25,000th visitor. I'm very proud of the small part I played in this event as I am sure Uma Thurman is.

Anonymous said...

I know that guy. Let me know if won anything like a dwsuwf thong or something.

mw said...

No, the DWSUWF thong is reserved for our 100,000th visitor or Uma Thurman, whoever asks for it first. However, I am holding a DWSUWF mini-button for our Round Lake visitor.Have him contact me.