Thursday, December 27, 2007

I like me! I really like me!

Blogger Jon Swift is first out the door with a compilation of the best blog posts of 2007, in a post creatively titled - "Best Blog Posts of 2007". DWSUWF is not going to quibble and point out that 2007 is not quite over, and that there are still five days and 137 million more blog posts for Jon Swift to choose from before the 2008 ball drops in Times Square. Jon's selected posts were nominated by the bloggers on his blog roll, an exclusive club whose membership is limited to those bloggers that also list Jon Swift in their blog roll. As DWSUWF is a member in good standing of the Jon Swift blogroll, DWSUWF was entrusted with the nomination of DWSUWF's best post of the year.

This from the DWSUWF nominating submission:
My favorite post of 2007 is my 6-23-2007 post: "I change my underwear political party affiliation." which I also cross posted at Justin Gardner's Donklephant.
This was an important post as I single-handedly stemmed the tide of defections from the Republican Party, by committing publicly to converting to Republicanism and restore the GOP to the pre-Bloomberg defection membership level. I also like this post because (atypically for me) I successfully maintained a single metaphorical theme for well over 50% of the post. In addition, I was able to illustrate the point of the post by promoting my new line of DWSUWF Logo thongs.
DWSUWF is humbled to have our post included in Jon's compilation. But DWSUWF does not want to sound narcissistic. DWSUWF is not just interested in DWSUWF's opinion of which 2007 DWSUWF post is best. Certainly not. DWSUWF is also interested in you, the DWSUWF reader's opinion of which 2007 DWSUWF post was best. Feel free to offer your opinion in the comments, which (if DWSUWF deigns to accept it) will not moderated out of existence.

When you finish leaving your comment here, head over to Jon Swift - in addition to the excellent DWSUWF post, there are a lot of other really good posts linked for your reading enjoyment, and with Memeorandum linking him, you don't want to be the only one to miss it. Check it out.

Divided and Balanced.™ Now that is fair.

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