Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy new year, good riddance to the Aughts, and best wishes for the Dividist Decade to come.

Here my appreciative extended family models their favorite holiday gift. The picture encompasses a wide range of political and religious affiliations, including half a dozen Christian denominations, two or three Judaic disciplines, secular humanists, animists, agnostics and a Druid. Among them you'll political liberals, conservatives, libertarians, Republicans, Democrats, Independents and a Whig. See if you can spot the Driud Whig, the Ron Paul gold standard conspiracist and the kool-aid drinking Obama apologist.

Dividist® apparel makes a thoughtful gift for any occasion, but will be particularly appreciated during the decade to come.

As we reflect on the decade just passed, and look forward to the decade and election years ahead, a friendly reminder: Seven of the last ten years have been under Single Party Rule in Washington D.C.

One question... How did that work out for you?

Divided and Balanced.™
Now that is fair.


FreedomFan said...

I worked out for shit for most of us -- but I didn't vote Repub or Dem. In fact, the national debt has grown from less than $1 trillion to over $10 trillion in less than 30 years. And out freedom has been reduced and our constitution compromised as well. And who's responsible for that??? Well, it was A Presidency, House and Senate comprised of 99.X% Repubs and Dems that did it, and we voted them in. When are we going to wake up and vote them out!!!

FreedomFan said...

See Shithouse post of September 28, 2008

mw said...

Good to hear from you again FF. Let me know if you'd like to add a follow-up post to your classic fable "The Shit House"

As I expressed at the time, I am sympathetic to libertarian goals, self-identify as a libertarian leaning independent, but I am just not interested in wasting my vote on a party that revels in its political impotence.