Wednesday, February 03, 2010

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Your loyal blogger is sitting in Newark Airport on a three hour layover. With a five hour flight behind and a fourteen hour flight ahead, we begin a three week holiday touring northern India and Nepal. Subject to the limitations of intertube availability, technology, time, and patience, I intend to post here during the trip. The road to hell being paved as it is, no guarantees. If past is prologue, DWSUWF can be expected to go dark until I return, as it has in previous trips.

So we will try something different. I've invited Tully of Flyover Notes to blog-sit while I am gone and to continue posting here as long as he is interested. I know Tully primarily as commenter at Donklephant and here, where he sometimes agrees with me and sometimes does not. Hey – nobody is perfect. In all cases, I always appreciate his analysis and writing. He also understands the merits of voting consistently for divided government (although not quite as obsessive about it as me - but then - no one is quite as obsessive about it as me). In fact, I've quoted him on the subject in a reference post:

"It’s the principle of pluralism in action, it’s very real, and it was designed to be contentious and slow-moving for very good reasons. We have always been a divided people, and many issues have no ideological middle ground available, so the system is designed to produce incremental changes rather than sweeping changes. The Founders already had some experience with the pitfalls of democracy as then practiced in England. They didn’t want a repeat... They did their best to provide a system that allowed for incremental compromise to prevail over abrupt changes. It’s messy, it’s contentious, it’s flawed, it’s ugly in operation–but it mostly does the job." - Tully

I tried this once before. I invited my brother HDW to blog-sit and guest post during a travel adventure two years ago, and he remains an authorized contributor for this blog. The casual reader may not have noticed, since he has never actually posted anything here. However, he does frequently threaten to write a post entitled “Every Dogma Has It's Day” - in which I expect he will dogmatically excoriate my dogmatic allegiance to the divided government dogma. Ironically he will also dogmatically claim to be an independent, despite a perfect record of dogmatic voting for only Democratic candidates to federal office for his entire dogmatic voting life.

I expect this election year “divided government” will be a hot topic, and the blog would benefit by adding other voices. Let's see how it goes. For any interested in trip, I will be posting pictures and notes from the trip on my other blog. Same caveats apply.


Divided and Balanced.™
Now that is fair.

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