Sunday, November 27, 2011

Blog Demolition Day

Although I switched to "New Blogger" four years ago, I never quite got around to utilizing the New Blogger templates. Since then, some blog elements have been behaving badly, plus I want to take advantage of some of the newer features and I am just kind of bored with the old look.  So the time has come.

I'll be putting up a new template over the next day or two, and things are going to look pretty messy around here in the meantime.

Same blog - new look. One notable change:  Although this is still the "Divided We Stand United We Fall" blog, I've decided to give my registered moniker top billing on the banner. By the end of this process I hope the blog will look something like this test blog.

Please feel free to make this even more aggravating by putting your annoying suggestions, nit-picking corrections, and irrelevant aesthetic preferences in the comments. Thank you for your patience. Or not.


UPDATE II:  MIDNIGHT -  Getting there. No obvious disasters. I'll be tweaking things for a while, but close enough for government work. I think I can go back to content for a while. 

Divided and Balanced.™
Now that is fair.


Ricketson said...

Wow. Animated GIFs have come a long way. Cheers.

Franchise Lawyers said...

It's really very nice and amazing. good work.

Tully said...

much less script-lockage on the new design. Loads much quicker

mw said...

Good to hear. I'd hacked up the old template so many times that I was afraid to touch it anymore. My hope is that just using a customized standard blogger template will play nicer with the internet and sidebar friends.

There are some oddities. Yesterday the banner image would not load in my firefox browser but worked ok with explorer and chrome. After I cleared the cache it seemed to work.

Just noticed that count on feedburner newsreader bug dropped from 110 to zero. Not sure what is going on there. That might have been a hack for the old template.

Not sure if I'll keep the four column format. I like having plenty of room for sidebar gadgets, but thinking that if I drop one it'll look less cluttered and give more room to the content. We'll see how it goes for a while.

Actually this is an old gif I first found and used around 3 years ago. I think what has improved is everyone's bandwidth that permist using a 1+ mb animated gif.

Thanks for the comments, and open to suggestions.

Tully said...

Solomon redesigned Rise of the Center this last week, and it was NOT IMHO an imporvement. The format is too busy, and has a major tendency to lock. And I'm talking on a new build Win7 powerhouse it locks up and crashes. Glad you went the other way!