Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The United Coalition of the Divided - 2014 Edition

The United Coalition of the Divided Wants You

The Dividist started this exclusive club during the 2008 election cycle and simultaneously initiated the "Coalition of the Divided Blogroll" - which may or may not be found in the right sidebar somewhere. It was an ignominious start, with the Democrats seizing unified control of the Federal government. Since then we've had better luck rolling out a new membership list in each election cycle. The 2010 edition barely got posted in time for the midterms among much angst and gnashing of teeth. Can't complain about the result though, as divided government was emphatically restored. We had a bit of an earlier start on the 2012 membership drive, and that still worked out fine with the reelection of divided government along with Barack Obama. It's a midterm again and for 2014 we are late again. Why mess with success?

Membership is open to anyone writing anything in any form in any media in a vaguely positive way on the subject of divided government. New recruits will be added to the ranks, updating this post and blogroll from now until the 2014 election. 

Fair warning: Inclusion on this list will make it easy to identify the backsliders and the disingenuous. Backsliders like this guy. You know, people who only prefer Divided Government when there is a risk of Unified Not-My-Party Rule. The Dividist will be watching. The Dividist will point out the inconsistent and insincere. Nevertheless, if they help keep this government divided,  the Dividist will welcome hypocritical partisan pretenders to the club with open arms.

You too can join this glorious movement and march in solidarity with the many millions thousands hundreds tens of your brothers and sisters standing shoulder to shoulder with the United Coalition of the Divided! Just write anything vaguely favorable to Divided Government and/or Gridlock, then let the Dividist know where to find it in the comments or via e-mail. The Dividist will add it to this post, link you, blogroll you, favorite you, follow you, friend you, tweet you, paint your house and walk your dog.

This is a living list. New recruits and draftees will be updated to this post and in the blogroll periodically between now and election day. Stay divided my friend. 

The United Coalition of the Divided
2014 Midterm Election

The Dividist (Of Course) CNBC - Rick Santelli
Boston Herald Catholic Thing - Francis Beckwith
Desert News Brookings Institute - Paul Light
Market Watch - Mark Hulbert Madland Blog - Alan Talaga
Twitter - Brian Andrew Twitter - Razor
Senator Bob Corker Twitter - Jeff B at Ace of Spades
Matthew Dickinson Twitter - The Grate Pumpkin 
Marc Andreessen Tully D. Blog
Twitter - Dave McW Douglas Levene
Mischiefs of Faction - Seth Masket Christopher Cantwell
Outside the Beltway - Doug Mataconis Real Clear Politics - George Will
Net Right Daily - Rick Manning Screaming Moderate - BJ Cooper
The Feehery Theory - John Feehery Althouse Blog commenter Bob R
Spokesman Review - Jack Thompson LPL Financial  - Burt White
EconTalk - Russell Roberts Senator Rob Portman
Web Commentary - Mark Alvarez Brookings Institute - Paul Light
Twitter Follower - L.T. Skie Fisher Investments - Ken Fisher
Information Station Wall Street Journal - Jerry Seib
Townhall - Daniel Mitchell Hudson Institute - Christopher Demuth
Vote For Gridlock Washington Times - Ben Carson
Reason - Steve Chapman David Brady - Real Clear Politics
Washington Examiner - Brian Hughes News Leader - Emory Burleson
Freedom Outpost - Dr. Robert Owens Jonathan Rauch
Bruce McQuain - Q and OSalon - Reihan Salam
Michael Medved
LewRockwell.com - Laurence Vance
The Federalist - Michael Needham
Times Dispatch - Bob Rayner
Andreas Bernacher
Now Media Scott

Divided and Balanced.™
Now that is fair.

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