Monday, August 08, 2016

♫ Daisy, Daisy give me your answer sure... ♫
♫ Trump's half crayzeee... ♫
♫ That's why I'm voting for her... ♫

 I fixed the 'Daisy Ad" for the Clinton campaign. You're welcome, John Podesta  
Our last post outlined some of the geopolitical policy ramifications of  an American president being "unpredictable" with nuclear weapons - as was suggested by presidential nominee Donald Trump. Spoiler Alert: It's bad policy. Really, really bad. Not quite as important, but just as interesting, are the political ramifications of Trump's loose nuclear talk in this election.

This is not the first time the American voting public is being asked to consider the suitability of a Presidential candidate to have access to nuclear weapons. Probably the single most influential political TV ad in history was the infamous "Daisy Ad" run by the LBJ campaign against Goldwater in 1964:

I have been saying for a while (here, here, here) that all Clinton campaign need do to win this election is modify and rerun the Daisy ad against Trump. Every. Single. Day. I'd like to think the campaign is taking my advice, but I guess it was a pretty obvious play and an easy call:

On the theory that anything worth doing is worth overdoing - Hillary in her acceptance speech at the convention:

And while we're at it - John Oliver's hilarious take, including President Obama's thoughts on the topic:

After all, this subject is kind of important. So, why not take every single thing that happens on the campaign trail and turn it into a question about Trump's suitability to be the Commander in Chief?

I'm good with it.

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