Monday, August 13, 2007

Hagel headlines Panetta Institute forum tonight

Hat tip to Charlie at Chuck Hagel for President 2008 for calling my attention to tonight's lecture at the Panetta Institute, featuring Chuck Hagel and Lindsey Bob Graham. The lecture is about two hours drive from here (absent rush hour traffic). Since Chuck Hagel has been a regular subject of the DWSUWF blog and YouTube videos, we thought we should take this opportunity to see him in person. It should be interesting for a couple of reasons. I expect he has to make a decision on running for President in the next few weeks (DWSUWF is already on the record in that regard). The pairing with Graham is also interesting. Probably won't produce the fireworks of the Graham / Webb pairing on MTP a few weeks ago, but... Hagel did co-sponsor that bill with Webb. Perhaps Graham has sharpened his arguments since then.
[UPDATE: 08/14/07: Ok. I am an idiot. It was not Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, but former Florida Democratic Senator Bob Graham that was participating in the lecture. I am leaving this post more or less intact, as a reminder to myself to pay more attention to what I write here. This video is still interesting, but has nothing to do with the Panetta Lecture series. One small consolation, the Monterey Herlad also got it wrong, identifying him as "Bill" Graham in the article announcing the event. So they are idiots too. The "live blogging" notion was also a bust, as the bandwidth was poor and cameras/recording devices were not permitted during the event. Rather than continue to update this post, I'll just post a wrap-up of my impressions in a new post later.]

DWSUWF was able to secure a ticket over the weekend and will be attending. Pending Treo/Verizon/Blogger technology, cellular bandwidth coverage, and DWSUWF inclination, I'll be posting some real-time impressions on my mobile blog (link here). We'll update this blog with a more detailed review here after return and suitable reflection. I believe the lecture will be web-cast live, but don't know whether c-span is picking it up.

Heading out now to beat the traffic. I might even get there early enough to check out the Monterey Aquarium.

Graham, Hagel headline forum - The Monterey County Herald

The final Panetta Institute Lecture Series event of 2007 will feature Sen. Chuck Hagel and and former Sen. Bill Graham on Monday in Monterey. The series this year has concentrated on the upcoming presidential elections. View Full Story

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