Tuesday, August 07, 2007

OT - 756

Instead of "live-blogging the live-bloggers" with the Democrats in Soldier Field this evening, I decided to walk down the hill and supplement my retirement fund by snagging Barry's 756th. Consider this the Fairness Doctrine in action, since I also missed the Republicans Debate over the weekend while I was golfing. It's only fair. I may or may not be doing some live-blogging at my mobile blog. Comments here are moderated, so I'm not ignoring you - just distracted. Out.

UPDATE: He hit it and I complete the Asterisked Home Run Hat Trick. [Picture later]

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mw said...

A guy from Queens NY wearing a Mets jersey got the ball. I didn't see it as I was outside the park and the ball landed in the right center stands. Apparently it was indeed a full on scrum for the ball: "His [Murphy's] face was bloodied and his clothes stretched and torn from his battle in the bleachers.Though battered and bruised, Murphy was also wide-eyed, high-fiving and smiling as ballpark security and police shepherded him from the stands"
Don't know if there was any Silcon Valley representation in the beating this guy took. Probably not any VC's anyway - I find them to be more the biting and scratching type.