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FW: You're Invited: RedState Action Emails

An open e-mail reply to an invitation from Erick Erickson, CEO REDSTATE, e-mailed this morning (minor edits from actual e-mail). - mw

Thanks for the invitation.

Now, I know that this is a mass-mailing, but decided to respond as if you personally sent it and are going to read the reply. You know, just in case you were sincere.

I'd like to participate. I'm in. Sign me up. However, it is a bit problematical, since I was blocked at RedState a year ago. My second blog post at RS was deleted, and my user ID (DWSUWF) was subsequently blocked completely for a truly innocuous fact based comment. Apparently I was perceived as a "threadjacker" despite the fact that I was responding directly and factually to a comment thread initiated by a RedState regular.

Whatever. It's your site, you do what you want with it. If listening to yourselves talk within a narrowly constrained and arbitrary range of acceptable views is what you want to do, hey - knock yourself out. As in - continue to do your best to knock the Republican Party out of any meaningful participation in the federal government in 2009.

But understand that this is what you are flirting with: Democratic President. Democratic majority in the House. Democratic Senate with a 60 vote plurality.

Pretty scary.

That kind of single party Democratic control will certainly be as big and possibly an even bigger disaster than the six years of single party Republican control proved to be.

On the off chance that you chose to unblock me at RedState and restore my deleted blog posts, I will be happy to accept your invitation, participate in the "action e-mails", and will resume cross-posting and commenting on your site. I share your concern about the corrupting influence of earmarks on our federal government and our representatives who continue to abuse the earmark process for personal gain.

FWIW - this is what you can expect from me:

I am committed to voting and supporting the Republican candidate for President in the general election regardless of who is nominated. I will do this for the exact same reason that I supported a straight Democratic ticket in the mid-terms. I was then and am now voting for the objective of limited government, restrained spending growth, greater oversight, greater protection of our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, more careful legislation, and better governance. All of these objectives are an automatic byproduct of divided government and lost when a single party takes control of the federal reins of power.

Now, I know you don't like surprises at RedState, so fyi - these are some examples of what I would x-post at RedState should you restore my posting privileges.

Now I know that these do not conform to the RedState Officially Approved Line of Political Discourse, but it is not exactly DailyKos material either. Since you did initiate this correspondence and invited me into the Action Email network, I thought I would at least provide you the courtesy of a complete reply.

Thanks again for the invitation, and I look forward to your decision.

Regards, MW (aka DWSUWF)


Mike Wallach I Propagandist

Divided We Stand United We Fall


PS - I will also be posting this as an open letter on my blog.

PPS - Since I was a member over a year ago, I was wondering if I would qualify for an exception to the RedState ban on newbie Ron Paul supporters? Just curious.

From: []
Sent: Tuesday, October 23, 2007 6:56 AM
To: mw
Subject: You're Invited: RedState Action Emails

Dear RedState Reader,

Did you know that within weeks of top Clinton donor Norman Hsu getting on the board of the New School, Hillary Clinton got a major earmark for the school? Did you know that the FBI is now investigating Mr. Hsu because of his Clinton donations?

What if I told you that Republican Senators willingly voted for the earmark, largely unaware that it was even in what they were voting on.

Now what if I told you that we could really shake things up and stop things like this from happening again? We have thousands of readers across the country and today I'm pleased to tell you that we now have a very cool way to get back in the fight.

Today we're flipping the switch on a RedState Action Email list. As events warrant in Washington or out in the fifty states, we'll send out emails asking you to help out by sending an email, making a phone call, or writing a letter.

Imagine being able to get a short summary of what action needs to be taken, a link to click that will call your phone then connect you to your Congressman, and detailed talking points to share with your member of Congress. An easy, painless process that together, with the thousands of other RedState readers, will have a real, measurable impact.

Because we don't want to spam you, we're going to make this opt-in. This email is just to let you know we're starting Action Emails. If you want to participate, please click here to opt-in.

Click Here to Opt-In to RedState Action Emails

RedState is excited to play a more active role in the political process. Through our new Action Emails, we aim to make it as simple as possible for you to get involved. To get started, simply click here and stand by to help. In the meantime, go to and participate in the ongoing conversation.

As a bonus to signing up for our Action Emails, we'll help you out a bit. We know you don't have time to keep up with everything going on out there. So we'll send you a simple email once a week detailing the one or two stories that the media isn't reporting. We'll link to other blogs talking about the story, provide solid background, and make sure you stay in the know, even when you can't surf the web.

All the best,

Erick Erickson

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P.S. If you do nothing, you will not get RedState Action Alert emails, but we'll keep you on our email list for


Divided and Balanced.™ Now that is fair.

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