Friday, May 02, 2008

Visitor 50,000

Early this morning, at 1:18 AM California time, DWSUWF was graced by our 50,000th visitor. It took us two years to see this milestone, which places us in the second (or third or fourth) tier of political blogs. Some political blogs get this many visitors every week or month, but still - 50,000 is notable for us. It took nine months for our 10,000th visitor to find us, six more months to capture the attention of our 25,000th visitor, but only 10 more months more to double that milestone to 50,000. If we can double again in 10 months, we'll be looking for visitor 100,000 early in 2009.

So what do we know about visitor number 50K?
He/she lives in Glasgow, Scotland and was busy googling at 9:18 AM in the morning, wanting to know who sang the song "United We Stand, Divided We Fall", and found us from this query. From there, our visitor landed on the DWSUWF post "A Good Death", which contained all the words in his/her query. That post was a tribute to Cornish immigrant Rick Rescorla, who fought heroically as a US Marine in the battle Ia Drang in Vietnam, and died saving others in the South Tower of the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11, 2001 - probably while singing the "Defiant Men of Harlech". I don't think that is what our visitor was looking for. More likely, he/she was looking for "The Brotherhood of Man":

What else do we know about our visitor?
He/She uses a PC with Microsoft Windows XP, Internet Explorer version 6.0, and a screen with 800 x 600 resolution. Based on their ISP, our visitor is likely either a student or faculty at Cardonald Community College, and according to Sitemeter's latitude longitude, lives near the intersection of Brereton and Boyd Street, and is about to be run over by a lorry on Boyd Street:

Our visitor has a fifteen minute driving commute along this route to get to the college, with that PC screen resolution, and that musical taste, and an obsolete browser, I'm guessing our visitor is in the faculty age group. Finally, since our visitor is only about a kilometer from Hampden Park...

... he/she is probably currently scheming how to get tickets for the upcoming Scottish Cup Final on May 24. Thanks for the visit, and ...

Divided and Balanced.™ Now that is fair.

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