Thursday, October 14, 2010

"None Of The Above" kicks ass in Nevada Senate debate.

Dear People of Nevada,

I just watched your Senate debate, and I am just so... so... sorry. I feel so bad for you. Really. I mean - WTF?? Look, I don't know how this happened, but you really should try and avoid choices like this in the future.

What to do? If you want to vote NOTA, I get it. It is a tempting choice under the circumstances. But for those of you willing to "man up" and make a decision - lets take a clear eyed view of your choices. There is a real difference. You can choose between a lightweight incompetent, or a craven, duplicitous, heavyweight partisan hack incompetent. Neither is going to be good for Nevada. You need to go with what is best for the country. Obama is going to be President for the next six years. You need to take one for the team and vote for the lightweight. It is the only way to limit the damage. I'm sorry - it is just the right thing to do. Look, it's only six years. In 2016 you can vote for a new Senator and President. Try to give yourself better choices next time.

Your Friend,

The Dividist

Divided and Balanced.™
Now that is fair.

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