Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Happy Divided New Year!

Actual undercover photo of a divided government ornament hanging on the tree of a family of unrepentant Liberal Democrats. My source has requested anonymity.

It's not much, but for Christmas the Dividist is giving away links to random holiday posts easily identified as such from the blogroll: Right Across the Atlantic, Power and Control, Sweasel, Immderate Monk, Impolitic, Stubborn Facts, Morpheus Sailing, Pajama Pundit, Dead Men Working, Weigel, Strata-Sphere, This Young Economist, Q and O, Stinque, Dr. Sanity, Flyover Notes, Corrente, The Oracular Opinion, Hankster, The Other McCain, Outside the Beltway, Hit & Run, Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis, Volokh Conspiracy, Whatever, Constitution Club, Of Mule Dung and Ash, Marginal Revolution, Megan McCardle, This ain't Hell, Small Dead Animals, League of Ordinary Gentlemen, Rise of the Center, Fausta's Blog, Booker Rising.

Ho, Ho, Ho. Even if not his solstice celebration of choice, the Dividist extends his warmest wishes to all enjoying the spirit of the season. He will now seek to celebrate his favorite family holiday tradition by seizing control of the Festivus pole and airing his grievances for the past year. They are legion. This is going to take a while.

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