Friday, December 03, 2010

Sure the TSA procedures are invasive, absurd, humiliating, violates personal privacy and legal search protections. But what about the positive?

Tammy Banovac missed a flight the day before due to TSA security delays. She tries to expedite the process by showing she has nothing to hide.

Story here and here.

The Dividist has not yet weighed in about the surreal stupidity of the TSA "Don't touch my junk" controversy. This just seemed like the right example to make a point. Ms. Banovac has apparently adopted this as her standard airport security attire, in order to avoid being subjected to the pat downs, which she found offensive.

The fact that she appeared as Tammy Brewer in a 1997 Playboy pictorial on "Dental Girls" had absolutely nothing to do with the Dividist choosing this particular example of TSA security theater of the absurd to highlight here.

That said, the Dividist believes this form of protest to be much more effective than say - holding up the line and inconveniencing other passengers by organizing a mass opt-out protest. I salute Ms. Banovac's patriotism and innovative approach to the problem.

This prescient New Yorker cartoon may have been intended to be humorous, but OTOH - if we all adopt the Banovac solution, we won't need the TSA. Just sayin...

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Now that is fair.

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