Thursday, September 07, 2006

Save the GOP! Vote for Divided Government!

William Niskanen, whose work is the inspiration for (making him the patron saint of) the DWSUWF blog, weighs in with yet another reason to vote Democratic in 2006 for divided government:
Save the Republican party from itself.
I am not sure that Mr. Niskanen has documented this hypothesis as well as some of his other articles and papers, which we have frequently cited here. Regardless, his post today on the Cato@Liberty blog posits a rationale for suppporting divided government which I had heretofore not considered:
Divided Government May Help Restore the Republican Party:
"The combination of a long unnecessary war, the fiscal excesses disguised as compassionate conservatism, and an intolerant social agenda has almost destroyed the traditional Republican political coalition, leaving many of us without any enthusiasm for the candidates and policies of either party. The first step to restoring the Republican Party, ironically, may be a Democratic victory in the congressional election this fall. Several years in the political wilderness may do much to clear the mind."
In other news, DWSUWF's YouTube video "Divided Government plays Hardball" has been selected by Ryan Sager (author of The Elephant in the Room) as the winner of the prestigious "Political Video of the Day" at Real Clear Politics. I am humbled by this selection, and would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people that helped make this happen. The producer (me), the writers (me), the editors (me), Norman Ornstein, the star of the video who's stirring performance moved me to tears, Chris Matthews and MSNBC (for not yet suing me for ripping their material), and - of course my beautiful wife, who even as I write this is encouraging me with the words: "Get off that computer and get in here and help me with dinner!"

Divided and Balanced.™ Now that is fair.

Just Vote Divided.


Anonymous said...

do I read your blog address as _
west and divided
we stand divided

mw said...

It is actually: "Wes Tand Divi' Ded"
- which is a transliteration of a curse from an ancient Rumanian dialect, the full meaning of which has been lost to the ages. Coinicidently, it was also a sound used by the fremen as "power words" of the "weirding way" in a deleted scene from the 1984 version of David Lynch's Dune.