Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Robert Novak Mind Meld

This is disturbing. I appear to be channeling Robert Novak.
Some recent examples:

Robert Novak April 30, 2007 Washington Post column: "Hagel's Stand"
"Hagel faces a political paradox as he ponders a career decision -- whether to run for president, to seek reelection next year or to get out of elective politics. His harsh assessment resonates with many Republicans who believe Bush's war policy has led the party to disaster. Yet that message faces rejection from GOP primary voters, and he is under attack from the right... Hagel represents millions of Republicans who are repelled by the Democrats' personal assault on President Bush but are deeply unhappy about his course in Iraq. "
DWSUWF March 30, 2007 Blog Post: Can Chuck Hagel save the GOP from the "Loyal Bushies"
"Whether out of arrogance, hubris, delusion, or simple incompetence, this administration is apparently willing to destroy any electoral hope for the Republicans in 2008 as a consequence of it's intransigence on the war... The split is between the traditional Conservative Republican (which includes both evangelicals and libertarians) and Republicans who are best described as "Loyal Bushies"... I would like to think that the "Loyal Bushies" are wildly over-represented in the blogosphere, and there is a much larger plurality of traditional conservative Republicans (both libertarian and evangelical) in the electorate at large. I'd like to think that, but I am not sure. If the traditional conservative Republican base is alive and well, Chuck Hagel may yet lead the party back from the brink of disaster in 2008."
Evans - Novak April 25, 2007 Political Report (received in e-mail):
  • "Republican morale is at a low point that recalls Watergate days. The word from Iraq is that the surge has not proved an immediate cure-all. On the contrary, the U.S. military is overworked and tired. There now appears to be no hope of getting out of Iraq by year's end. Adding to the low morale is President George W. Bush's defensive posture behind the barricade, defying the Democratic majority in Congress.

  • The minuet over the supplemental appropriations bill for the Iraq war will be played out this week, with the bill finally passed and then vetoed by President Bush. Since Democrats cannot override the veto, both sides will be forced to sit down and try to negotiate a compromise. Probable outcome: no hard deadline for getting U.S. troops out of Iraq but some conditions that the President will not like."
  • DWSUWF April 16, 2007 blog post: And the winner is ... President vs. Congress
    "The President blusters. Congress confers to finalize the war funding bill. The President invites discussion. Partisan postures are on public display. In the background a compromise war funding bill takes shape. Both parties are now politically invested in a veto. The veto is necessary to clear the partisan detrius from the political decks. After the veto, a compromise bill with less pork and softer language on the withdrawal timetable will be passed by the legislature and signed by the executive. Both parties will declare victory. The country will get a better, more rational, and less wasteful funding legislation."
    I wonder if this explains my recent compulsion to expose the identities of CIA operatives.

    Somebody help me ...

    Divided and Balanced.™ Now that is fair.


    Beach Bum said...

    I would love to see Hagel run for no other reason than to have someone with some military sense on the Republican side at least be represented. I know McCain was a Navy flier and former POW but he has sold his soul to the repub base and honestly I'm not sure he completely sane. I would not loan any of the other candidates a quarter much less vote for the flip flopping Rudy and Mitt.
    But even if Hagel runs I'm not sure anything can pull the Republican chestnuts out of the 2008 fire. I live in South Carolina and the usual pro-Bush wingnuts are very weary of the war and have finally gotten to the point in which Bush is thought of a liar.

    mw said...

    Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the comment.

    Yeah... I am pretty pessimistic at this point about the Republican's chances to hold the White House. But it is exactly for reasons you mention that I think Hagel can do it. Americans of both parties are exhausted with Bush and this war. Hagel is the only Republican of any stature who can credibly play the Anti-Bush, anti-war card, and still put up solid conservative credentials, certainly more conservative than Bush. He was speaking out more forecefully against the war, before the war, than most of the Democratic contenders (except Obama).

    Besides being a true warrior, and a real soldier statesman, the guy is smart, articulate, and able to communinicate ideas effectively. He speaks in complete, coherent, sentences. He is the Anti-Bush. Exactly what the electorate wants. He'd win in a walk-away in the general election.

    Too bad it is impossible for him to win the Republican nomination.