Thursday, July 02, 2009

Under My Thumb.

Welcome to the Senate Al! As the 60th Democrat in a filibuster proof Democratic Senate... with no meaningful opposition in Congress to every statist liberal wet dream... what could be more appropriate than "Under My Thumb"? Rock On!

Now, some think Al Franken was never much of a comedian, but he does a damn good Jagger. I just wonder if Mick would make as good a Senator as Al makes a Rolling Stone?

Try as I might, I can't get too worked up over the filibuster proof 60 vote threshold now finally reached by the Democrats in the Senate. Yeah, it puts a punctuation mark on complete Democratic one party rule, but the reality is that Franken is carrying "coals to Newcastle". In the wake of his certification, we are treated to the spectacle of Democratic Party hand-wringing , right-wing wishful thinking and incoherent blogospheric nonsense framing the 60 vote milestone as less than meets the eye. I guess the idea is to lowerthe expectationsof the left that they may not get every single thing they want passed.

These stories are partially right. The 60 vote plurality does not really mean all that much, but it is not for the reasons they state. It is because unchecked single party rule was already a fait accompli after the November election. As I've said here before, if there is anything we learned from the last administration, it is that buying two or three or four Republican Senators for any given vote is never a problem. Obama and Rahm and Axelrod understand that, even if the blogosphere and MSM do not. If there was any doubt about the effectiveness of the dwindling Republican minority, it was eliminated with the passage of the enormously wasteful stimulus bill Democratic Party Porkfest in February. The die for this administration was cast with that bill.

The damage is already done. Senator Al Franken will not make a meaningful difference. This single party Democratic government has already committed to trillions of new spending while quadrupling the deficit. They've dug a financial hole that can only be filled by imposing new economy-throttling taxes and unleashing the inflationary and currency devaluing monetary printing presses. These are the simple facts. Before Senator Al Franken, or after Senator Al Franken, the only thing that can restrain the Democrats now are the Democrats. So far... not so good.

At least with Al in the Senate we can expect a little entertainment as the Democrats drive the country off the economic precipice. Wouldn't it be cool to see Al Franken reprise this performance on Monday, on his first appearance on the floor of the United States Senate?

Or even better, a rendition of -"I can't get no satisfaction."

Divided and Balanced.™
Now that is fair.

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