Monday, November 01, 2010

Coalition of the Divided - 2010 Edition

I started this list during the 2008 election cycle, initiated a "Coalition of the Divided Blogroll" in the sidebar, and expressed my good intentions of keeping a running list of COD members for future election cycles. Well, with the road to hell being paved as it is, I never quite got around to it for the 2010 midterms - until now.

This is being thrown together at the last minute, and with the expanded interest this cycle I know I am missing many links and coalition comrades. Better late than never. The blogroll is over there in the right sidebar ====>

The Dividist promises to add any overlooked Coalition of the Divided members to the blogroll and to this post. Membership is open to anyone writing in a vaguely positive way on the subject of divided government. Fair warning, inclusion on this list will make it easy to identify the backsliders and the disingenuous. You know, backsliders like this guy. The Dividist will be watching.

The 2012 Presidential Election season kicks off on Wednesday, and we will begin the 2012 COD blogroll shortly thereafter. Really.

Interested? You too can join this glorious movement and march in solidarity with the many millions thousands hundreds tens of your brothers and sisters standing shoulder to shoulder in the Coalition of the Divided! Just write anything linkable vaguely favorable to Divided Government and let me know where to find it in the comments or via e-mail. I will add it to this list, link you, blogroll you, favorite you, digg you, friend you, tweet you, paint your house and walk your dog.

The United Coalition of the Divided - 2010 Election

A Minority of One - Steve Chapman League of Ordinary Gentlemen - Mark Thompson
Allan Bevere Libertarian Examiner - Trevor Bothwell
American Maxim - Jason Library Grape - Gherald
American Scene - Conor Friedersdorf Library of Economics - Arnold Kling
Anatreptic - Anne Malnutured Snay - Malsnay
Ann Althouse Matt Lewis
Bipartisan Rules - Commissioner Minneapolis Star Tribune - Kevin Hassett
Bonzai Monkey Cage - Andrew Gelman
Brookings Institute - Jonathon Rauch Mystical Paths - Akiva
Business and Media Institute - Dan Kennedy Newsweek - Daniel Stone & Andrew Romano
Cato Institute - John Samples Orange County Register
Charles Rowley Paleoconservative
Chicago Tribune - Steve Chapman Poligazette - Michael Merritt
CNN Politics - Julian Zeliner Postmodern Conservative - Peter Lawlor
Commentary - Jennifer Rubin Prudent Investor Newsletter - Benson
Conscience of a Centrist - Matt Mazewski Q and O - Bruce McQuain
Crossed Pond - Rojas Q and O Blog - Bruce McQuain
Daily Beast -Tunku Varadarajan Race 4 2012 - DaveG
Daily Caller - Ed Ross Reason - David Harsanyi
Daily Caller - Henry Miller Reason Hit & Run - Nick Gillespie
Daily Dish - Conor Friedersdorf Red Hampshire - Steve Vaillancourt
Disloyal Oppostion - J.D. Tuccille Redst8r
Downsize DC - Jim Babka Right Thinking from the Left Coast - Hal
E-Vigilance - Alan Ricketson Rockford Register - Chuck Sweeny
Econlog - Bryan Caplan Ryan Christiano - Facebook Fan
Electoral Vote Predictor - Rattlesnake Shrink Wrapped Blog - Psychoanalyst
Ella's Deli - Ross Small Government Times - Gene Healy
Erie Times - Pat Howard South Bend Seven - One of Seven
Fear and Loathing in Georgetown The Beacon Blog - Jonathon Bean
Fiscal Times - Bruce Bartlett The Bobo Files - Bobo
Fishermagical Thought The Economist - W.W.
Folloseus Flaps Dental Blog - Flap True North - Gary Gross
Forbes - Bernie McSherry True/Slant - Ryan Sager
Free West Radio - Dale Williams U.S. Senate - Susan Collins
Great Options Trading Strategies - Brad Castro United Library - Jason Pye
Harvard Crimson - Pat Toomey US News - Mary Kate Cary
Hayride - Macaoidh U.S. Senate - Pat Toomey
Horse Race Blog - Jay Cost Washington Examiner - Stephen Slivinski
Hot Air - Ed Morrissey Washington Post - Michael Gershon
Hot Air - Karl Washington Times - Armstrong Williams
Janet Cutrona - Facebook Fan What should Be - Kevin Bliss
Jeffersonville Evening News - Kelly Curran Will Wilkinson
John Batchelor

Las Vegas Sun - James Moldenhauer Bloomberg - Kevin Hassett
U.S. Senate - Rand Paul
My Thought World - Chad
Volokh Conspiracy - Ilya Somin
Harvard Crimson - Peyton Miller
Power and Control - M.Simon

The United Coalition of the Divided - 2008 Election

411 Mania - Enrique New Editor - Tom Elia
8 Short Years - Chris J NY Daily News- Michael Goodwin
Ambivablog - Amba NYT - Bill Kristol
Ashbrook Center - Jule Ponzi OC Register - Alan Bock
Atlantic - Clive Crook OOOH, Nuance! - Madam AB
Atlantic - Ross Douthat Outside The Beltway - James Joyner
Augusta Free Press - Rick Gray Patri' Peregrinations - Patri F
BeliefNet - Crunchy Con PI - Dick Polman
Betsy's Page - Betsy Newmark Philosophy Talk - Ken Taylor
Bone In The Fan - Brad Poli Gazette - Michael Merritt
Bosque Boys - A Waco Farmer Positive Liberty - Jason Kuznicki
Bottom of the Ninth - Amber Positive Liberty - John Babka
Cantankerous Gentleman - Crank Power and Control - M. Simon
Capital Games - Pete Davis QandO - McQ
Castle Arrgghh! - John Race 4 2008 - Michael Stubel
Cato@Liberty - Brink Lindsay Ragged Thots - Robert George
Cato@Liberty - Stephen Slivinski Reason - Jacob Sollum
Charter of Dreams - Christopher Reason - Jonathon Rauch
Classically Liberal - CLS Reason - Matt Welch
Club For Growth - Andrew Roth Reason Hit & Run - David Weigel
Confluence - River Daughter Reason Hit & Run - Jacob Sollum
Coyote Mercury - James Brush Red Blue Christian - Allan Bevere
Crossed Pond - Rojas Red State Eclectic - Laura Ebke
Current Word - Jim Mathies RLC - PB Lumel
Cynical Nation - BNJ Right Thinking Left Coast - Hall
Daily Dish - Reader 1 - Ross
Daily Dish - Bruce Bartlett Scrivener.Net - Scrivener
Daily Dish - Reader 2 Sun News - Denny Clements
Disloyal Oppostion - J.D. Tuccille Taxman Blog - Gordon Gekko
Divided We Stand - MW Time/CNN - Jeff Kogler
Donklephant - Alan Carl To The People - Cicero
Dyre Portents - Dyre42 - Todd
Eunomia - Daniel Larison Townhall - William Wilson
Fat Triplets - Seth Trading Goddess - Muckdog
Feehery Theory - John Feehery Two Pennies - David Wright
Gay Species - Stephen Heersink Uncorrelated - Mick Stockinger
Hell's Handmaiden - The Maiden Volokh Conspiracy - Ilya Somin
Holy Coast - Rick Moore WaPo - George Will
Hot Air - Ed Morrissey WaPo- Robert Samuelson
Liberty Forged - Jesse Wa. Monthly - Bill Niskanen
Mike the Actuary - Mike Washington Times - Steve Chapman
Moderate Voice - Pete Abel Weblog - Thomas P Barnett
Muck & Mystery - Back 40 What Should Be - K Bliss
MVDG Gaszette - MVDG Whirled View - Pat Sharpe
My Thought World - Ted West WSJ - David Gaffen
National Journal - Jonathon Rauch WSJ - Donald Luskin

WSJ - John Fund

Divided and Balanced.™
Now that is fair.

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The BoBo said...

Thanks for the add Dividist - and glad to be of service. After what happened these last 2 years - I hope others have woken up and also understand why a divided government is the best thing for this country.

BTW - went out and voted this morning - no straight party line this time - and no incumbents either.